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About Camera Chi Photography


About Camera Chi Photography. We are Camera-Chi(shy) Photography, is a creative photography duo living in St. Loui, MO. We focus primarily on corporate, wedding  and event photo booth photography.

Working as a duo, we are able to provide exceptional coverage of events both visually, by having two different artistic interpretations of the event and physically, by being able to cover different angles of the event simultaneously. Camera Chi Photography strives through open air photo booth photography to capture moments during events that will tell stories for years to come. We also challenge ourselves to shoot creatively to provide distinctive images that stand out to provide you with a unique documentation of your event. In addition to documenting our environment through photography, we are also proficient in video & graphic design allowing us to bring out the best of every function. Whether in a studio or in the intense atmosphere of a concert, we will capture the moment in a way you will never forget. We look forward to working with you soon.

“We love your faces”-Camera Chi Photography

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